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Air Algérie Flight Schedules Not Yet Disclosed

May 24, 2021

A source in Air Algerie spoke about the fate of tickets booked by Algerian travellers before the spread of the Covid19 pandemic, and whose flights were later suspended due to the closure of the country’s airports in March 2020.

An official source at Air Algérie told Echorouk that the company’s commercial directorate prepared a special file under the name “Covid-19”, related to tickets acquired by travellers who were unable to travel due to the suspension of flights and the closure of the country’s airports after the spread of the covid19, under what is known as the “force majeure”, explaining that this file includes several formulas related to this category of travellers who purchased tickets and could not travel.

The same source explains that travellers wishing to keep the ticket and re-certify it have that and their rights will remain guaranteed, and they will be able to travel with that ticket when the flight is available to that destination.

“Customers can also compensate the travel ticket as well and recover the reservation money when the financial situation of the company improves, that is, after resuming the activity of international flights at acceptable rates, because the company was inactive for more than a year and the financial situation is faltering as a result of that, explaining that most of the customers expressed their desire to get the ticket again, not the money, given the importance of the ticket in the current circumstance”.

The same official commented on the flights’ program that was repeatedly circulated on social media and asserted that the authorities confirmed an executive decree that will be issued later that includes all the details of the border opening process and the scheduling of trips, calling for not to be drawn into what is being circulated on social platforms, and to wait for the decisions of the scientific committee and the executive decree that will be issued to provide all the details.

By browsing Air Algérie’s website dedicated to online reservations, it becomes clear that the process has not yet been launched, as the site allows the browser to choose a destination, departure airport, arrival and date, and after pressing the confirmation button, the following message appears, “Something went wrong … We apologize for the inconvenience, we encountered an error while processing your request … we could not find results for your search… Please change your search specifications and try again!”, which means that the booking of tickets is still not available on the company’s website.