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Algeria-EU: Twinning project to strengthen capacities of Court of Auditors launched

September 29, 2022

ALGIERS- A twinning project to strengthen the institutional and professional capacities of the Court of Auditors, especially in terms of certification of the State’s accounts, was launched, Tuesday in Algiers, as part of the partnership between Algeria and the European Union.

This twinning project, concluded with a consortium made up of the French Court of Auditors and the Portuguese “Tribunal de contas”, aims to consolidate the capacities of the Algerian Court of Auditors in terms of certification of State accounts, audit of performance and evaluation of public policies, “and this, in harmony with international standards and best practices”, explained, at a speech, the president of this institution, Abdelkader Benmarouf.

Recalling that the organic law relating to finance laws, which will be implemented from 2023, should establish a logic of performance and a culture of results in the management of public funds, Mr. Benmarouf indicated that the Court of Auditors was working to adapt to this reform marked by the transition from cash accounting to accrual-based accounting based on the principle of accruals.

It should be noted that this project, which is part of the Algeria-EU Partnership Priorities Support Facility Program (FAPP), benefits from funding of up to one (1) million euros. Its duration is set at 24 months, according to the data presented at the launch ceremony.