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Lower Price on the PCR Tests’ Price for Educational Users

January 19, 2022

The National Committee for Social Services for the Education Sector approved reductions in the price of PCR tests and on all MRI scans for the benefit of educational users and their families, up to 50%, in contracted medical laboratories, in light of the high trend of confirmed infections among educational users and pupils.

The chairman of the National Committee for Social Services, Hamadouche Abdelkader, told Echorouk; “After recording a rise in the confirmed infection with COVID-19 among educational users and pupils, especially in the primary schools, the committee completed the signing of contracts with private clinics, and the PCR tests and X-ray detection tests will be insured, at a rate of 50% for employees, their families and the people who are insured, and if they resorted to a private clinic that is not contracted with the committee, the patient is required to pay the full price of the medical examination, provided that he/she approaches directly the National Committee or the state committees to obtain a 50% compensation.

“These measures fall within the framework of taking care of the sector’s users in terms of health, by giving them a helping hand and assistance until the health crisis is overcome with minimal losses”, he said.

The private medical analysis laboratories approved reductions in the prices of PCR tests, amounting to approximately 27% for students, as the student’s parents pay DZD 800 instead of DZD 3,000, which is the price of a detection test by analyzing “genetic antibodies.