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“Renault Algeria” Is Not Responsible For Sale Of Cars On The Internet

January 17, 2022

Renault Algeria announced, on Sunday, in a statement, the end of its contract with some authorized dealerships who no longer represent it, starting from January 10th as the latter had represented Renault brand for many years.

Regarding the background of this decision, the media official at the Renault Algeria level confirmed in a statement to “Echorouk” that these agents announced that they had changed the address and continued to sell cars, and this is what made Renault abstain from any sales of new cars of the Renault brands.

Regarding the cars that were recently installed at the Renault factory in Tlilat, in western Oran province, estimated at 4,500 cars, of the Renault and Dacia brands, Renault’s spokeswoman confirmed that all the cars were sold with priority given to customers who placed orders in 2020, “and today there are no new cars in Renault showrooms”.

As for new cars of the Renault and Dacia brands that are sold on websites and social media pages, our source said, “Renault Algeria does not sell cars on websites and Facebook, and it disclaims responsibility for these cars that are sold by private individuals and not by Authorized dealerships, and citizens should know that cars that are not sold within authorized Renault dealerships are cars beyond their responsibility, whether in terms of the displayed prices or the identity of the seller…

Renault Algeria hopes to return again to the manufacture of cars in Algeria in line with the new book of conditions, which has not been formally settled, and for the import of new ones, and Renault welcomed the recent amendments to the book of conditions that will enable it to return to importing new vehicles and fulfilling the needs of the national market.

It is worth noting that Minister of Industry Ahmed Zeghdar confirmed in a previous statement to “Echorouk” that the new and amended book of conditions for importing cars will be announced at the end of this January, meaning a salutary breakthrough in the cars file, which has been in place for the third year in a row, as this adverse situation has caused an unprecedented scarcity and a “frenzied” rise in the price of vehicles.